Gym playlist # 11. Rio (Duran Duran)

It’s actually slightly faster pace than Playlist # 10 and I’ve thought about switching them, but I kind of like slowing down and then speeding up, so for now, I’ve kept it what it is.


This song has no particular meaning for me, but has a cool bass like that I like, and reminds me of the 80’s, which were mostly good to me (though there are some parts I’d like to forget, and others I simply can’t remember for various reasons)

Because I’m not particularly wedded to this song, if any of you have any other suggestions as a good treadmill beat song, please comment below.

Stay cool, my friends.

Blessing, SB


Name Your Year

On Sunday afternoon, I had lunch with my friend, Sue, who I hadn’t seen for several months. We had a lot to catch up on – mostly to get updates on each others’ families and the like.

As we discussed the holidays, and “new year’s resolutions”, she mentioned a tradition that she started several years ago – and that is to NAME her year – to assign a catch phrase or word to the year that represents her intentions for the year. Kind of a resolution but not quite as specific.

For example, one of her years was named, “Growth”. During that year, she took several new classes and engaged in a new Bible study to grow spiritually. Another year was named, “Reach”. During that year, she made several life changes that caused her to reach out in new directions and get out of her comfort zone.

This year’s word for her is TRAIN – not the physical train, although, as it turns out, she is taking a train trip with her best friend. TRAIN can apply to physical training (as in training for a Century ride 😉 ) or even educational training.

Her challenge to me – and mine to you – is to name my year. (Given my 1,000 mile goal, I could easily steal hers, but that’s not really very challenging, is it?) A few that came to mind: Inspire, Thrive, Motivate, Affect, Effect, Recalibrate, Transform. Any suggestions?

How about you, my friends? what will your word of the year be?

Be Blessed, my friends – my treadmill is calling. Have an awesome day!


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Renner – Runner – surviving spiritual attack

Before last week, I hadn’t heard of Rick Renner – but in a few moments that I took a dust-cloth to my family room to dust, he happened to be on the TV that my mother was watching. She’d not heard of him before, either, but was watching a program before he came on. As I dusted, I was momentarily awestruck by some of the words I heard him saying, so much so I stopped in my tracks.

I’be long lived my life expecting God to do miracles and wanting to live to please Him. You may remember posts earlier this year where I expressed I was praying some Jericho sizes prayers and expecting miracles.

Recently, I’ve experienced God moving in my life in strange but beautiful ways, and, admittedly, at first, I wondered if it was God at all. As I reflect on my prayers of late, I am more and more convinced that God is truly preparing to do some wonderful things in the lives of people He’s blessed me with. Because I know the Devil doesn’t like it, I’m trying my best to pay particular attention to His guidance, and this message particularly spoke to me. We WILL survive the battle…. and the war.

Take a listen and decide for yourself

Be blessed today, my friends

Surviving spiritual battle



1000 miles and 1000 lbs

I mentioned my lunch with my former boss (who I also wrote about in the piece: Exceptional!) in yesterday’s post. Because he’s a bit of a fitness buff, he asked me about posts I’ve made about 1,000 miles of fitness, etc. I shared with him my goal is loosely defined as 1,000 miles of exercise (walk, run, bike, row, swim) but because of an upcoming “century” bike ride fundraiser, I thought I’d eventually focus on biking. He loves to bike and immediately offered to help me train as well as participate in the century ride with me.

Further in our conversation, we talked about de-cluttering our lives in general. He lost his wife to cancer several years ago and has been going through the process of getting rid of things he no longer needs. My kids are currently in the process of de-cluttering their bedrooms in the event we need to switch bedrooms in our home around to afford a different no-stair option for my mom, who lives with us, after her recent heart attack.

While cathartic in many ways, the emotional piece of de-cluttering can be challenging. My youngest daughter cleared an entire dresser, filling three and a half large garbage bags with clothes that no longer fit. She asked me before discarding each one. For 99% of the items, it was a no-brainer… but the “my mom rocks” t-shirt that my best friend gave my kids when they were small, I had to think twice. In fact, I still have a t-shirt that belonged to my father, who died 40 years ago; but there’s something about it that will always remind me of him and I can’t bear to get rid of it. Someday, I know my kids will go through my things and, not realizing it’s sentimental value, get rid of it. That’s ok. For now, I will keep it, along with my “my mom rocks” t shirt as a reminder of days gone by.

As part of our challenge to one another, as we discussed fitness goals and de-cluttering goals, he challenged me to do 1,000 miles of exercise AND shed 1,000 lbs of clutter this year (or 1,000 items, but he assured me that a book of 300 pages doesn’t count for 300 items!). I laughed and gladly accepted his challenge.

Here’s to 1,000 miles and 1,000 pounds!

Be blessed, my friends.


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…Because I Care

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of lunch with a dear friend, former boss turned motivational speaker – one who challenges me and inspires me to be all I can be. (To understand more about what made him a special leader, see my post: Exceptional! )  As always, lunch was filled with thought provoking discussions and challenges for both his life and mine.

During our lunch, he told me about an upcoming opportunity he has to be the keynote speaker at a school lunch nutritional convention in Minnesota. He’s been asked to provide a motivational speech with a phrase for the audience to “take away”, sort of a theme that can become their mantra. The intention of the convention is to encourage those who are serving lunches to see the students as their customers and infuse a sense of caring into their jobs to make a difference in the lives of the students. As he begins to build his speech, he is leaning toward using the phrase, “I care” for the take-away phrase.

As we were talking, I recounted to him a recent conversation with another special friend, (who also challenges me) who asked me why I do what I do  – why I spend hours (in addition to my full-time job) teaching students to play the piano – and hours being a youth leader at my church, talking with broken teenagers looking to find their way – reaching out to broken-hearted people to let them know God loves them. “Why”, he asked, “do you put yourself out there to a world that largely doesn’t care?”   His question was well intentioned, his logic that, if the world doesn’t care, why should I?

As I thought how to answer this question to my lunch mate, I recited the story of the boy on the beach, throwing starfish back into the ocean after they’d washed up on the beach. Someone criticized him, asking why he did it when he couldn’t possible save them all. As he picked up a starfish and gently tossed it back into the water, he said, “I made a difference for THAT one”.

My friend paused several times during our conversation to make notes of things we talked about so he could include in the speech. At one point, he said, “you know, for some of these students, a caring lunch lady might be the only sense of caring they feel all day. Everybody just needs to know someone cares.”

And that, my friends, is why I do what I do. To summarize what I’ve heard our pastor say so many times, “you might be the only Jesus that they see.”

Everyone needs to have someone who cares about them. Be that person to someone today.

Be Jesus for someone today.



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I hear You, Lord,

In the still, night, air

I feel You, Lord,

You’re everywhere

Fill me with your Presence, Lord,

Let me drink it in

Let Your Spirit dwell in me,

Rescue me from sin.

I am listening, Lord,

For Your voice so small,

Show me, Lord,

Reveal it all.

Light the path You’d have me take

Give me courage for Your sake

I’m listening, Lord,

For Your voice so small,

Show me, Lord,

Reveal it all.

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Living the sequel

Our lives, books filled with characters and plots, and story lines, sometimes filled with drama, sometimes filled with dreams. Chapters end, giving way to new beginnings, all with familiar rings, marching onward to who knows where. The Author knows the ending, but the characters, blind, are intertwined with one another in ways whose impact is seldom fully realized until the conclusion.  The Author alone knows their purpose, and their parts in one another’s lives. 

Plot twists complicate an otherwise boring tale, as the Author uses pain and sorrow, joy and revelry to shape each characters’ soul, preparing them for the sequel.

The novel, replete with romance, and heroism, gain and loss, sorrow and sadness, for most, will not make the best seller list, nor even be known by many, but have an impact on the few who truly experience, truly come to life with the words of its pages.

Live the sequel, make way for new beginnings, and allow the plot to thicken, for therein lies the basis for the Author to develop character in this fictitious tale until its denouement.

Living the sequel,


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