When you’re account is overdrawn by $10,000.00

Have you ever had that “What the ? “ moment like you’ve been kicked in the stomach… like when you realize you missed an appointment that you waited 3 months to get, or when you receive  bill for something you didn’t know was coming… or when your bank account is suddenly overdrawn by $10,000.00.

Yes, you read I right…   $10,000.00

How many of us actually make $10,000.00 transactions?

When my mom told me her account was overdrawn by over $10,000.00, I had to read her message a second time to make sure I read it right.   Surely there was some mistake.  Ha.  NOPE.  overdrawn by $10,000.00

We were away for the weekend, and the last thing I said to her (literally) was, “Do not throw any wild parties, Nana!”

What the heck kind of wild party did she throw for $10,000 while we were gone for the weekend?? Goodness!

Luckily, it was simply a bank error (really) so she’s back in black. (:-))

Be a blessing to someone today!


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Did we fail them?

Got some sad news today. Left me wondering if we sometimes don’t do enough to help those who need help. It’s the feeling I described in my book, Masquerade, when Charissa tries to help a struggling teen who coincidentally knows a woman Charissa had tried to help years before, whose life turned out to be a mess. Charissa second guesses her impact, and wonders why she bothers trying to mentor anyone because she must not be effectively enough.

This is a lie straight out of the pit of hell. Satan would like nothing more than for us to feel useless. Don’t give in to the lie.

Charissa describes how helpless she felt when her neighbor committed suicide – the thoughts  of, “I should have said…   I should have done”

We beat ourselves up because we somehow feel responsible for someone else’s poor choice.  In Charissa’s case, the feeling was so strong, she wondered why she’d ever tried to help anyone.

The reality is, however, that other people’s choices are not ours to make.  There are times I would love to make better life choices on behalf of other people who are making poor ones. Unfortunately, we can’t.

There are some things we can do to help the downtrodden.

1. Love them. Unconditionally. Even when they make poor choices. We can and should continue to build good relationships with them. This involves genuine, heartfelt conversations that never break trust. Never, and I mean never, share what they’ve told you in confidence (only exception is if they share imminent plans to harm themselves or others).

2. Pray. Pray that God will give to opportunities to share His love. Pray that God will place other people in their lives to share His Hope as well Pray that God will intervene in their lives.

Be a blessing to someone today!



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