Keep em safe

Nine years ago on April 9, the students at the school my kids attended were attacked by one of their own… a sophomore who brought two kitchen knives to school in his hoodie pocket, intent on killing as many of them as he could.

For ten years prior to this, I had literally prayed the words, “keep them safe in the hallways”, and never truly realized the impact of those prayers.

Twenty students and a security guard suffered injury but no lives were lost.

Each year as the date approaches, i think about the victims, one of them my future son-in-law, and can’t help wondering about the emotional scars they bear from that day.

It is quite miraculous that no lives were lost, which i attribute in part to the fervent prayer I had prayed for so many years, “keep ’em safe in the hallways”.

The profound effect of those words in my ears is powerful. After that day, I could no longer utter them without my voice cracking and my eyes filling with tears. I’ve changed those words as I pray each morning with my youngest daughter, now a Senior in that school, yet we continue to pray for Gods protection on our schools, their administrators, teachers, janitors and bus drivers. we pray for healing in our land, and that God would bring revival to our nation, and people would begin to seek Him.

The Blood that was spilled

the link above is to the original post i made on a facebook note shortly after the incident. how surprised i was to find it had been shred over 25,000 times.

Ironically, today, the 9th anniversary of that day, is Easter Sunday, when we celebrate the resurrection, a new life through Christ Jesus.

God is a God of answered prayers, even if sometimes we don’t fully understand their full impact. He is a God of mystery, and He wants to bless us.

in Him,