The future is bright

A little over two years ago, a friend of mine and I formed a partnership and opened a music/art studio in a small town. We’ve been working very diligently to grow that business through various challenges, including Covid as well as other health issues. My business partner has cancer. He had his cancerous kidney removed in May, and we were hopeful for his future. I’ve prayed so many times for God to heal him. In July, he learned that his cancer had spread to his spine and his liver.

A couple of weeks ago, we were talking about some things we have going on… we are making some updates in our studio to create space where students can perform live, and opening a recording studio. Very excited about the possibilities before us, one evening I said to him, “wow, the future is bright!” I heard him chuckle out loud and immediately wished I hadn’t said it, remembering the death sentence hat cancer so often represents. Luckily, his sense of humor allowed him to laugh as he said, “well, that all depends”

We’ve talked at length about eternity, and where he will spend it. I am grateful that God has been so very gracious to all Dan an opportunity to get his life straightened out before he is called home. I know without a doubt that Dan has accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior amd will spend eternity in Heaven.

I will continue to pray that God grants him more time on earth to see the business he has enabled become its vision.

For him, the future really is bright. To live with confidence that you’ll spend eternity in Heaven is the most comforting place to be.

Lord, let my life reflect the goodness of Your mercy in all I do. Let our music and studio grow to bring others life…. We ask your blessing on our students and their families, our decisions and those we interact with every day be for Your glory alone. I ask humbly that you heal Dan of his cancer, that you give him more days on earth to accomplish what You’ve asked him to… that his life would reflect your grace… and that others would see Your goodness through all You’ve done for Dan. We pray You would help us to seek the lost.. and what the Light of the World with them so their future is bright, too. In Your Holy Name I pray, Amen