Face down

Another fear another failure

Just like I was meant to be here

Face down

Drowning in my

Tears of sorrow

Feeling like there’s

no tomorrow

Sometimes I have to fall

face down

Face down

Wishing I could fade to nothing

I’m layin face down

Lift me up, up, up

Without You I am nothing

You pick me up, up, up

When I fall face down

Humbled at Your feet

Crumbled in a heap

of despair and brokenness

You breathe New Life into me

And pick me up, up, up

Give me courage to face

My fears and failures

Hope and grace

to love on strangers

Show Your glory

not my wreckage

Tell my story

to those who need it

Give Your word

that they would heed it

Keep me face down

So You can life me up

Face down

So You can fill my cup

Use my scars

Use my brokenness

That they might know

Your earthly benefits

Hear my cry

That they might be

Face down

To cry for thee

Lift them up, up, up

Mend their hearts

Restore their souls

So they, too, would

Give up control

And fall face down

And on and on it goes

As one by one it flows

Your love reaching all the people

Who are

Face down

Fully consecrated

“The world has yet to see what God can do with and through and in and for a man that is fully consecrated to Him”. D L Moody

With Gods help, I aim to be that person…

To consecrate oneself is to seek to make Gods interest your own interest. Lord, I’ve felt Your call on my life for some time now, and clear that calling is with music. Lord, let this not be what I want but what You want to do through me and with me.

Peel away from me all that is holding me back… give me eyes to see the vision You have for me. give me the courage to follow You with complete abandon of myself.

Provide my needs, oh Lord my provider. You have provided so much already. You alone know what I need…. Let me be in Your presence Lord! Use me in ways only You can to bring Your message of healing and salvation to a dying world, that they might know You as their Lord and Savior.

Forgive me for all that I’ve done in my life that have not honored You. As You have forgiven me, forgive others who have also sinned. By Your grace, bring us to a place of humbleness before You.. that Your work would be made complete. Help us rid ourselves of meanness and contempt and replace it with Your Holy Spirit that we would breathe LIFE into people.

Make right in me and around me all that needs to be to fully do Your will. Lord, if it’s music You want me to do, let me see a glimpse of Your vision to know Your will. Give me courage to follow.

Protect me from the evil one who wants to do harm to those who love You. Let Your sovereign Will be done here on Earth. May people come to know Your saving grace.

In Your name I pray


Humbly I bow

Humbly I bow

Empty my soul

Pour out myself

So You make me whole

All that I am

And ever will be

Humbly I bow and

Lay at Your feet

You are my savior

you are my King

lord of my life

Over everything

Less of me, Lord

More of You

Fill me up

Faithful and true

All that I am

And ever will be

Humbly I bow

Lay at Your feet

You take my failures

You take my pain

Hear me

Father God, in the quietness of this morning we come before you humbly… quiet my restless heart and clear my scattered mind. Let me hear Your voice. Guide me now through the waters You’ve called me to step into.

You’ve heard my plea for healing, and You’ve answered so many prayers before… I kneel again at Your feet, empty myself before you, and ask once again for time…. Your graciousness abounds, Lord, and in Your mercy I see forgiveness and transformation.

You know my heart, Lord, and my desire to serve you all my days.. open the eyes of my heart, Lord, and let me see a glimpse of the path before me. Give me the courage to walk the path You have before me, knowing You are with me.

Bring healing where it is needed. Bring grace where it is needed.

In Your holy and precious name I pray