Stay of execution

Monday, January 17, 2022… Martin Luther King Jr Day… and the day the Northeast got hit with a hefty snowstorm. Memorable for our family for more than one reason.

I’ve shared previously about the way in which God revealed Himself to our family through our dog, Lucky… way back in 2009 when Lucky came to live at our home.

Lucky will be 15 this summer, and for the past year has had degenerative issues with his back legs. It has been heartbreaking over the recent past, facing the inevitable certainty of having to make a decision to be merciful to our precious answer to prayer, no matter how hard. Last week, I made that decision and called the vet for an appointment. I underestimated how emotional it would be until I found myself sobbing to the vet tech who answered the phone. She made the appointment but told me that I could cancel if something changes.

One by one I told the members of our family and we prepared. On Saturday, my mom took Lucky for a long walk and let him play in the leaves.

The weathermen predicted a storm starting Sunday afternoon and ending sometime Monday. As called for, it started snowing around 3 pm on Sunday, right on through. Our schools were already off due to the holiday, as was my company (which is why I had originally made the appointment for this day). The skies dropped about 10 inches of snow…

Rich plowed our 1/4 mile driveway and the girls and I unburied the cars and shoveled the places the plow couldn’t. I took Lucky for a “last long walk in the snow”. He LOVED it. I called the vet, but there wasn’t anyone there, so I left a message canceling Luckys appointment on account of the snow. I asked them to call me back if they made it into the office… otherwise I’d call the next day to make another appointment.. but this time I decided to consult with the vet first to have hime help me decide if possible. I called my son, who is now in Nebraska, and while we talked, I walked Lucky all around the yard. It was as if he had a new lease on life! We must have done the loop around our yard twenty times! While we talked, my son prayed. He prayed that God would tell us, through Luckys actions and through the vet when it’s time to say goodbye.

That night, he slept beside me, getting up twice through the night to go outside. But the next morning, I was happy that I had decided, at least for now, to hold on a bit longer. He’s had a great week, able to jump up on the couch and back down again.

I know it won’t be forever, but for now, Lucky is still with us. ❤️

Be blessed, my friends.