Will you still trust me?

Friends, I know I’ve been silent the last few months. It isn’t because I have not thought about writing, it’s been that I’ve been too busy chasing dreams. In my year of “wait” I have experienced breakthrough that I will eventually share. To be honest, it seems like a dream where I’m going through the motions, but the way I’ve seen God work in my life and lives around me in the past 10 months has been incredible.

I hear God’s voice in small ways and see His evidence in big ways.

Over the last week, I’ve heard God ask me if I will still trust Him when the world is crashing down. My answer is yes. I don’t know exactly what I’m about to go through but I’m trusting that I am following His will an plan for my life and I give all that I am to further His kingdom.

I am not looking forward to the lows, and ask you all to keep me in prayers. God is up to something that is bigger than me.. I’m glad to be part of it. I am praying that Satan has no authority in His plan, my life, or the lives of those around me.

Be blessed today, my friends.



Spiritual beings

In my Aunt’s house there is a sign that reads, “we are not physical beings traveling through a temporary spiritual journey… we are spiritual beings traveling through a temporary physical journey ”

The change in perspective is amazing in a world that is so focused on the physical.

My soul yearns this morning that all would understand where they are in their spiritual journey.

May you be blessed today, my friends


Richly blessed and highly favored

A few weeks ago, we held a small family reunion at our house. My mom and her sister and brother got together with their cousin, Spencer and his wife, Darlene. When they arrived, I asked Spencer how he was doing. His reply: “richly blessed and highly favored”

A child of God, he has an appreciation for the fact that our riches are in His glory, not in material wealth. Well into their seventies, both Darlene and Spence have some health issues and life nuisances. But their outlook on life was contagious…. richly blessed. Highly favored.

God favors those who love Him deeply and serve Him. He wants to bless us richly.

What an awesome outlook on life.

My friends, you are richly blessed and highly favored. May you be blessed today


He restores my soul

God is in the restoration business. He loves to make beauty out of ashes… and ashes we all are. The baggage and filth that we carry from decisions we’ve made and sins we’ve committed break His heart.

My soul was rocked tonight… to the core. My heart is breaking for the situations unfolding around in the lives of people I care deeply about.

I don’t think I’ve slept at all tonight, but while I was laying in my bed praying, the phrase of the 23rd Psalm kept playing over and over in my head. He restores my soul.

I love to restore things… take a piece of old furniture and refurbish it, give it new life and a new purpose. I’m currently working on a bench reupholster and have a set of chairs with which to make an upholstered bench. They look like junk right now… just like my life did before Jesus picked me up and breathed new life into me.

I don’t yet know what my chairs will look like in their new life, much like I don’t fully know what is next in my own life. But I know they will have a new purpose, just like I have, and just like you can have.

No matter what we’ve done, God can restore. No matter how far gone we are, God can rebuild us and give us a new purpose in Him.

I am praying for those who need His breath to give them life. I am burdened for them and praying that they will see God reaching His hand toward them.

Be blessed,