NYC missions

Hi, Friends!  As we gear up for our missions trip in June, we are also reminiscing about our trip a few years ago.   I’ve discussed some of it in previous posts.

After arriving safely to our host church in Brooklyn, we woke up early on Monday morning, excited to meet our “city host”, Marc Hewlitt, who literally went with us to each of the places we served.  He lives just outside the city, in CT, but does most of his business right in the city at that time, working with a missionary team.  He met us at Living Waters and went with us on our first subway trip of the week.  He showed us how to insert the subway pass into the slot (was easier for some than others, not mentioning any names Lucas!)  He taught us how to “subway surf”

Our first service project was in the World Vision warehouse in the Bronx.  We took subway and walked.  and walked.   and walked.   finally we arrived!


At the World Vision warehouse, we sorted through a tractor trailer load of Tommy Hilfinger clothes that had been donated.  We were putting together packets of outfits – paring pants with shirts, putting like sizes together, folding them neatly and putting them into plastic bags.   We sorted through one whole trailer load, re-packaged the clothes and filled up another trailer, which was bound to Washington DC the next morning. The clothes packets were going to be distributed to underprivileged people to help prepare them for job interviews.



You can find out more about World Vision here

During our trip to the World Vision warehouse, we passed several NYC police precincts.  One thing I was immediately struck by was the presence of police officers all throughout the city – it was reassuring and made me feel very safe.

I would love to share pictures, but unfortunately, I believe most of them are on a defunct jump drive.  I’m working on a way to recover them – perhaps from the walgreen’s website that I uploaded them to after our trip, but so far haven’t found a way to save them in a format that can be uploaded to WordPress.  I’ll try again later.   For now, since we Spring Ahead in the AM, I’m going to bed.




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