Someone worth knowing

Someone worth knowing…

Several years ago, I was asked to play keyboard for a Christian rock band that happened to be made up of all teenagers – and me.  I love to play keys, and I saw it as an opportunity to be somewhat of a mentor to the kids, who were only slightly older than my own at the time.   We played for a bunch of music festivals in the area, and a few “battles of the band”.   As we prepared for one show, I happened to be talking to someone I knew, who told me that his sons were involved in a Battle of the Bands that weekend.   Coincidentally, it was the same one – so I said I’d be on the lookout for them.   When we arrived, we started to unload our equipment, I took a look around to see if I could identify someone who looked like they could be this guys’ sons.  I identified a few potentials, but didn’t approach anyone.  Then, all of a sudden, someone came up to me and introduced themselves to me – and it was one of his sons.   We struck up a conversation, wished each other well and moved on.  A few days later, they friend requested me on Facebook – so we connected and struck up a conversation.  I thought perhaps his dad had mentioned our conversation and was looking for me as I was for him.   I found out that his dad had not mentioned anything about me being there or anything, and was still curious as to what made him come up to me and single me out among all the other people there to introduce himself so boldly, so I asked him about it.   His reply is one I never forgot – and to some degree it still haunts me.   He said, “You looked like someone worth knowing”.    Someone worth knowing.   I wondered what exactly someone worth knowing looks like…. I wondered if, after meeting me, he concluded that I was worth knowing? And then I wondered if I was really someone worth knowing?   Am I someone worth knowing?   Isn’t everyone someone worth knowing?  Are they?  Have you met people not worth knowing?  Am I sometimes someone not worth knowing?

In a subsequent event where their band played – at a place called Mr. Smalls near Pittsburgh, I was awed by something that transpired.   Mr. Smalls is an old church building that’s been converted to a bar – and they were having an under 21 band night, so a bunch of us went to see the bands – and their band was playing.   It wasn’t a particularly Christian event – in fact, not at all.  But after one of their songs, their guitar player – a kid probably 17 or 18 years old at the time, while on stage playing hard punk rock music, told the crowd that he was a follower of Jesus – who had died to save him from his sins.  He invited anyone who wanted to know more about it to find him after the show to talk.   I was awed.   Awed that he had the courage to stand in the type of crowd that it was and give his testimony and invite others to meet Jesus.   I was simply amazed that someone as young as him would have the courage to do something like that.   I mean… I was 17 once… and I’ve got to tell you, it would have probably been the last thing that I’d have ever done at that age.    That young man has gone on to go Eastern University studying youth ministry and is now a youth pastor in Ohio, changing lives every week.  Someone worth knowing indeed.

Be someone worth knowing.

Blessings, SB

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